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Personal training is personal, systematic and well-balanced physical and nutritional instruction.

Whether your goal is a change in your everyday habits, raising your fitness level or you're looking for more versatility in your training, a personal trainer is the answer!

A personal trainer is a fitness professional, who will help you achieve your dreams. Whether your dream is to lose weight or to get into better shape, learning a new sport, refreshing an old one, we'll help and motivate you to reach your goal.

Our personal trainer services:
Fitness level testing
Gym instruction
Nutritional instruction
Personal training programs

Please contact our personal trainers!

Don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with a personal trainer to design your personal fitness package! We are there to help you achieve your goals!


Massage is a traditional form of soft tissue therapy suitable for all. Massage reduces stress, improves your well-being and prevents many problems. Different massage techniques are also used to relieve muscle tightness and pain. Muscle metabolism is improved, surface blood circulation stimulated, massage also gives pain relief. Passive stretching can compliment massage, as well as cold and heat treatments. Our massage therapists also offer you advice and counseling.

Massage can be used to relieve muscle tightness as well as for relaxation. For athletes massage is used to prepare muscles for training or to speed recovery. Massage is vital for athletes as it helps to prevent overstraining and enables maximum training.

Static office work causes muscle tightness due to lack of dynamic movement stimulating circulation and metabolism in the muscles. Massage can relieve muscle tightness and stimulate circulation and metabolism. Stress can also cause headaches and tightness in the neck and shoulder area. A relaxing and vitalizing neck, shoulder, and/or face massage refreshes both body and mind.


Massage reservations:

  • Sports massage therapist Tanja Vaakanainen
  • Sports massage therapist Mika Kemmo

Price list:

30 min 29 €

45 min 39€

60 min 49 €

75 min 59 €

90 min 69 €