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Welcome to Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus

Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus is an exercise oasis for locals. You can find a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. We offer exercise gym, supervised group lessons, budo sports, personal trainers and children's exercise classes. In addition to comfortable surroundings, we are very active in improving the total well-being of people living in the Lauttasaari area. At Liikuntakeskus we'll lead to enjoy sports and exercise and to fell better.


  • Use of our gym
  • Variety of group classes for all ages at Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus 
  • Personal instruction and personal trainer
  • Tailor made exercise plan
  • Help in planning your nutrition and life management
  • Use of kid's playroom every day
  • Free underground parking
  • Numerous member events and benefits